Vision & Values

Our Vision

Hampton Park Primary School aims to develop a learning environment where students acquire the skills to monitor and manage their learning, develop the mindset to be creative, flexible and innovative and learn to effectively problem solve by approaching issues logically and with an open mind.



Our Motto

Persistence | Creativity | Excellence



Our Values

These values apply to all members of the Hampton Park Primary School community:

  • Respect: To be thoughtful and caring towards others and the environment around us.
  • Cooperation: To work together as a school community to achieve a common goal under all circumstances.
  • Friendliness: To look out for one another, to take an interest in how others are feeling and to know how to be a good friend.
  • Best Effort: To give our best effort 100% of the time in whatever we do.
  • Equality:  Equal opportunity for all.


Our Service Standards


At Hampton Park Primary School we place great importance on providing a rich, varied and challenging educational experience for our students.


To ensure that all students progress at their optimum level, teachers will:

  • Value each individual student in the classroom and understand their backgrounds, interests and perspectives
  • Help every student  succeed by understanding their individual learning needs and providing a program to support these needs
  • Build strong literacy and numeracy skills in recognition of the importance these skills have in underpinning learning
  • Value active involvement and have high expectations of all student
  • Use assessment practices that reflect learning objectives and provide constructive feedback to the students which will drive future learning.