What is the Science vision for Hampton Park Primary School?


Science in action!! Science is a way of viewing the world in a critical way in order to understand our surroundings. Unfortunately, science is often seen as a ‘difficult to understand’ subject. At Hampton Park Primary School students apply critical thinking skills as the develop their knowledge of scientific concepts. The students are encouraged and supported to question the world around them through a scientific lens so they can understand what and why things happen.



What does Science look like at Hampton Park Primary School?


At Hampton Park Primary School, science will be a hands-on experience. Your children will learn largely through experimentation and physical experiences. Especially in the early years, students will be learning through practicality rather than through dense theory.


No concept is ‘dumbed down’ for anybody. This starts with using the correct vocabulary in the classroom at all times. Students are encouraged to express their own ideas and opinions, then to review them with a critical mindset to ensure it withstands scrutiny. This approach enables each and every student to achieve a higher level of understanding whilst also addressing any preconceived misconceptions.


Science at Hampton Park Primary School is taught in term based blocks focussed on;

  • Space and Earth Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology


At Hampton Park Primary School we recognise the importance of students developing this approach and knowledge to understand the world around them which is why all students from Foundation to Grade 6 have weekly science lessons.