Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies @Hampton Park Primary School

Over the course of a year learners will have the opportunity to explore the world around them using the very latest learning technologies; including ClassVR, 3D printers, Robotic Arms, Dash Robots, AI robots and more.....


Across the school learners are using technology to show their learning in a multitude of different ways, using the Seesaw Application in lower years to Google Classroom for grades 3-6. Technology is provided by the school in a 1:1 capacity across the school; learners in Prep-2 have access to an Ipad then move to a Chromebook until they Graduate at the end of Grade 6.


Digital Citizenship

In Term 1 each year the learning focus is how to be a positive and safe digital citizen; exploring online safety, digital footprints and the importance of keeping private information confidential and not sharing too much online. We have incursions throughout the year to help reinforce these messages.



At Hampton Park Primary Primary the coding program runs throughout the school from block coding in their first years to more advanced text coding in year 6. Learners apply their coding skills using programmable Lego Kits, Dash Robots, Sphero Indi cars and Bluebots.

Creating Digital Solutions

From early years learning onwards students are experimenting and using technology to create content, media, art and presentations. Ensuring learners have the skills to adapt to new and different learning technologies and environments for future success.


Media Arts

Learners explore how to create media content through video recording, performance and audio capture; the production process from planning to presenting an edited film. Understanding audience and purpose links to their ability to create appropriate content using persuasive and creative language.


Coming soon-

In 2024 we are looking forward to competing in the inter-school robotics league competitions as well as reinventing our Hampton Park TV channel.

Watch this space.....