Digital Technologies



In Digital Technologies, students are introduced to the safe operation of a computer. Students are learning the correct terms of equipment and through use, become familiar with common icons on the computer desktop. Students are developing hand-eye coordination and using a mouse to control the pointer on the screen. Through online games they investigate the purpose of ICT symbols and icons.



Grade 1/2s


In Digital Technologies, students are logging on and off the school network with their own individual username and passwords. Students are mastering their hand-eye coordination through exposure to a range of technologies. Students work with different types of data, such as text, shapes, images, to create simple information products. Students are identifying and exploring digital systems (hardware and software components) and creating videos of their experiences.



Grade 3/4s


In Digital Technologies, students are creating content beyond a standard document. Students are introduced to Google Apps for Education and are submitting work via the online classroom cloud environment. They manipulate text and images to create products for specific audiences. This semester, students are making a HPTV segment to publish on the school television network. Students transfer and enhance their video with music, voice over, transitions and effects in using video software.



Grade 5/6s


In Digital Technologies, 5/6 students examine the main components of common digital systems. They are using iMovie software to create their own news stories for the inhouse TV station, HPTV. Students are collaborating, communicating and presenting ideas and data via the Google apps suite. This semester, a large component is learning vital skills for the future through designing, building and testing their own video games.