Physical Education

The Physical Education curriculum at Hampton Park Primary School is engaging, full of fun and aims to improve the co-ordination and fundamental motor skills of our students. There is also a big emphasis placed on teamwork and sportsmanship, which incorporates some of our school values and encourages students to work in teams effectively to achieve their learning goals.


The fundamental motor skills covered in foundation, grade 1 and grade 2 include balancing, running, dodging, kicking, striking, throwing, jumping, bouncing a ball and catching. These fundamental motor skills continue to be improved across grades 3-6, by challenging our students in sports that incorporate these skills, such as cricket, tee ball, basketball, netball, volleyball, European handball, athletics, gymnastics, tennis, badminton, golf and all football codes.


Students at Hampton Park Primary School have the opportunity to participate in a variety of other exciting programs, which include: interschool sport, cross country, a whole school athletics day, a Hoop Time basketball competition, NRL Gala Day, a beach day (focusing on safety around water) and visits from elite sporting professionals.