Hampton Park Primary Schools Numeracy Program is based around best practise (open-ended tasks using hands-on materials) and current research; enabling our students to be prepared to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems in the real world.


We recognise that our Numeracy teaching and learning needs to include ‘real world’ links, where students have the opportunity to model their understanding using a range of learning materials. By allowing students to manipulate materials throughout the year levels, they are able to better understand mathematical concepts. These experiences will be open-ended investigations where possible and the practice of concepts and skills will be facilitated through fluency activities.


As teachers, we value that we, like our students, learn best when we are curious, take risks, have explicit instruction and scaffolded experiences.


We will endeavour to encourage students to be accountable for their own learning. We will use data from pre and post testing as well as the Victorian Curriculum to inform our teaching and assess individual student growth. Teachers will work collaboratively with their colleagues, share learnings, plan and celebrate achievements.


Students will be supported and encouraged to take responsibility for being active learners and directing their own learning experiences through collaboration, questioning, risk taking and curiosity.


We will strive to improve educational outcomes and foster a love of Numeracy, building the understanding that we are all mathematicians no matter where we are on our mathematical journey.