2016 Captains

The student leaders for 2016 are listed below:

School Captains
Jasmin Crutchley and Zengqin Deng

School Vice Captains
Amelia Yin and AJ Milford

House Captains
Reedy – Victoria Kumari and Ozzy Rose
Robjant – Sujaad Nazari and Fidelity Aurelio
Sinclair – Cherish Quinton and Wageesha Hewaarachchi
Holden – Pevid Cheng and Jhaymie Sanchez

House Vice Captains
Reedy – Amber Jackson and William Scibberas
Robjant – Nikita Boavida and Shuang Sang
Sinclair – Sahasra Gogisetty and Camille Charlot
Holden – Cherub Khurmi and Robb Singayan