School Council

The School Council at Hampton Park Primary School is responsible to the Department of Education and Training (DET) and to its community. School Council makes policy in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Education and Training. School Council meets each month and the membership includes parents, staff and community members.

There are 3 sub-committees of the School Council:

Education and Policy  – developing the educational policy for school council including camps and excursions, student welfare, student leadership and professional development. It may also involve developing school wide policies such as occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination and integration policies.

Finance  – the Finance Sub-Committee has many responsibilities which include the following:
• being involved in the development of the school’s annual budget with the help of the principal
• ensuring that the annual budget supports the school strategic plan and annual implementation plan
• presenting the recommended budget to council for approval and adoption
• regularly monitoring the budget against revenue and expenditure and report significant variances to council
• ensuring there is an adequate internal control system to promote operational efficiency and to minimise financial risk
• ensuring that the school has an appropriate investment policy and that this policy is approved by council annually

Buildings and Grounds – planning and developing the school’s facilities such as its buildings and grounds; organising working bees and other actions to maintain or improve the appearance of the school; provide advice to school council on external groups who may be using the school’s facilities

Involvement in School Council or a sub-committee is a great way of helping the school and learning new skills. Your ideas and experience are always welcome. Parents are welcome to attend school council meetings.

Kylie Long
School Council President