Hampton Park Primary School has been running a Chess Program for several years and is highly popular with students of all ages.

The annual school chess competition is held during lunchtimes and each division is hotly contested.  Many of our students also participate in interschool chess competitions one of which is held each year at our school.

Updates about the different chess competitions are included in newsletters throughout the year.

Chess is one of the most powerful educational tools available to strengthen a child’s mind and it’s fairly easy to learn how to play. Most six or seven year olds can follow the basic rules. Dr Peter Dauvergne from Sydney University says that research shows that some of the benefits for children to play or study chess include:

-  Chess challenges gifted children while potentially helping underachieving gifted students to study and strive for excellence;
-  Chess enhances reading, memory, language and mathematical abilities;
-  Chess fosters critical, creative and original thinking;
-  Chess strengthens problem solving skills; and
-  Chess raises Intelligent Quotient (IQ) scores.

Mr Adams who is a previous economics advisor to the Liberal Government says: ‘to compete in a knowledge-based and high-tech global economy, Australia will require a workforce that has not only greater skills but greater intellectual prowess based on superior analytical and computer skills.’ Mr Adams is pushing for chess to be part of the Australian Curriculum to be taught in all schools as he believes that chess helps students achieve the above.