Mandarin LOTE

The Mandarin L.O.T.E cultural program at Hampton Park Primary School works towards broadening students’ perspective and understanding of the world. It not only exposes students to a new way of communicating but also builds awareness and appreciation of a different culture. Through the program, students are gradually equipped with the language skills necessary to communicate in Chinese, engaging in both spoken and written language activities delivered in a fun and interactive manner.

In the junior grades, emphasis is placed on verbal communication and lexical development, where students learn to name the people, places and objects in their surrounding as well as learning greetings, numbers, colours, songs, rhymes and other simple phrases. A variety of tactile and kinesthetic experiences including puzzles, games, movement and gestures, technology, visual prompts and auditory aids are used in combination to support students memory and recall of the language while keeping young children interested.

Understanding of Chinese culture including its people, land, geography, history and traditions is also fostered through cultural experiences and contact with the broader Chinese community. Traditional Chinese art and hands-on crafts have also been introduced into the classroom to further deepen students’ sense of appreciation and awareness of the culture, its people and practices.