Principal’s Message

Welcome to the Hampton Park Primary School Website.  If you are considering enrolling your child in our school, I hope the information you read in our website provides you with the answers to all your questions.  Once you have had a look through our website, we would be very happy to meet with you and take you on a tour of our wonderful school.  If you would like further information or to organise a school tour, please contact the school on 9799 1440.

Hampton Park Primary School’s motto of Persistence, Creativity, Excellence underpins our goal of developing a learning environment where students persist in all things and develop a creative approach to learning in their search for excellence.  Every member of staff aims to create an environment where students learn to be flexible, reflective and open minded so they will develop into capable young people with the ability to monitor their own learning and effectively manage challenges as they arise.

At Hampton Park Primary School we pride ourselves on knowing our students well and targeting their learning to suit their individual learning needs.  Each student has an individual learning plan which is reviewed and updated throughout the year as each goal is reached.

At Hampton Park Primary School, we place great importance on students developing high level literacy and numeracy skills. To support this, we have developed the Learning in Action program for students in the Early Years which will enable them to experiment, discover, manipulate and explore concepts in a practical manner.  Learning in Action acknowledges that explicit teaching and hands on activities are both vitally important for developing the academic skills of all students.

All Grade 3 and 4 students participate in the Reading Room program which provides intensive literacy support for each Grade 3/4 class when they participate in a 50 minute session of literacy tutoring each day of the week.  Students in each class group are divided into small groups to work with a member of staff to target their individual literacy needs.

I truly believe that the solid grounding the Prep to Grade 4 students receive in literacy and numeracy will allow them to be more successful learners in Grades 5 and 6 as they begin their academic preparation for secondary school.

The school’s new Strategic Plan has also identified the development and implementation of a STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) as a priority for the next four years.  These subjects are becoming increasingly important worldwide and our new STEM focus will ensure we continue to provide our students with every opportunity to move with the times.

We are about to enter into an extensive building program which will provide new Science and Technology facilities as well as 8 new classrooms.  Once finished, the new facilities will provide our science and technology classes with state of the are learning spaces which will enhance our wonderful science and digital technology programs which are currently offered to every student.

We began implementing the KidsMatter Program in our school community in 2014 as we believe that promoting positive mental health and wellbeing will provide our students with the best possible chance of happiness and success.  This highly regarded mental health and wellbeing framework has been enhanced by the introduction of Bounce Back – a Social and Emotional Learning Program which equips students with the skills and knowledge to understand and manage adversity and improve their resilience and sense of wellbeing.

I know we will continue to see our students, families and staff benefiting greatly from working together as a school community to care for and support each other.  The school values of Respect, Cooperation, Friendliness and Best Effort ensure that every member of our culturally diverse school community is valued for who they are and encouraged to always strive for excellence.

Please come and visit our school.  I feel sure you will love it as much as I do!

Leonie King