School Documents

Follow the links below to read copies of important school documents.

School Strategic Plan 2016-2019
Research confirms that effective schools have:
~ a shared purpose
~ values that help people work together
~ a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve
Strategic planning ensures that a common purpose and values are established for the school and the school’s strategic direction for the next four years is identified and expressed through goals, targets and key improvement strategies.

Annual Implementation Plan 2017
Annual implementation plans are based on the four year Strategic Plan and have two parts:
1. Strategic intent, including the goals, targets and key improvement strategies from the school strategic plan, as well as one-year targets
2. Implementation details, including a breakdown of the key improvement strategies and significant projects.

Annual Report to the School Community 2016 (Coming Soon)
Annual reporting is an important tool for effective governance within schools and across the government school system. Each year, schools write a report on the previous year’s progress.  Reporting to the school community adds value in a number of ways:
~ Keeping the school community informed
~ Contributing to system accountability and meeting legislative requirements
~ Reinforcing the relationship between the planning and annual reporting processes
In line with the Department of Education requirements, the Annual Report for 2016 will be published at the end of April, 2017.