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Welcome to Hampton Park Primary School

Principals Message

Welcome to Hampton Park Primary School.  In the year 2022, we celebrate our 100th anniversary.  In 2018, we will move into our contemporary classrooms and workplace.

Our philosophy is student centred and everything we do puts the children first. Our motto of Persistence, Creativity, Excellence underpins our goal of developing a learning environment where students persist in all things and develop a creative approach to learning in their search for excellence.  Every member of staff aims to create an environment where students learn to be flexible, reflective and open minded so they will develop into capable young people with the ability to monitor their own learning and effectively manage challenges as they arise.

At Hampton Park Primary School we pride ourselves on knowing our students well and collaboratively target our teaching to suit students’ individual learning needs.
School Tours are available every Thursday at 9:30 am. Please call the school on 9799 1440 to arrange a tour appointment or if you would like further information. We welcome enrolments as we wish to share our wonderful school with everyone. Looking forward to meeting you.


Mothers and Special Others Picnic

    District Cross Country – 27th April

    Students who are part of the cross country team will be competing at the Cranbourne Training Race Track. They will be travelling by bus, leaving at 10am and returning by 3pm. Those students must...
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    Autism Awareness Week: 24th – 28th April

    Throughout the week Hampton Park Primary School will be sharing information about Autism Spectrum Disorder. This will include education the students about ways to support students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and celebrating the uniqueness...
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